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Join The Troop

Idle Monkey Ambassador

Becoming an Idle Monkey Ambassador is not just about joining an elite troop. It also means having access to the best affiliate deals and perks like no other. And since this is an elite program, we screen applications submitted to us every now and then. If your application is denied and yet you think you have what it takes to do some Monkey Business, please reach out to us. We're more than happy to review your application!

What You'll Be Getting

  • Access to lifetime discounts (hell yeah!)
  • Earn money by repping the Idle Monkey brand hard
  • Insider access to our sales and new product launches
  • Personalized discount code for your fans, friends, and family
  • Features on our social media accounts

What You Need To Do

  • Help your circle learn about Idle Monkey and its brand
  • Be active on social media and support the troop
  • Share your personal discount code to your fans, friends, and family
  • Enjoy the Monkey Business!


Idle Monkey Ambassador